The members (i.e. Councillors) of Laughton Parish Council represent the people of the Parish. All Councillors are governed by a national Code of Conduct, which ensures that high standards are maintained.

Chairman - Cllr Miranda Dart

 Vice Chairman - Cllr Andrea Weller

Cllr Jackie Breeds
Cllr Mike Cook
Cllr Holly Hallam

Cllr Jean-Mary Crozier  

Cllr Richard Poore

Parish Clerk

Mrs Fiona Hensher

11 Elphinstone Gardens

Hastings, East Sussex

TN34 2BW


01424 250350

(office hours)


Areas of Responsibility


All Members are Custodian Trustees for various sites in the parish - which can be seen click HERE. Cllr Dart is the appointed Members for Laughton Parish Hall.


All Members are apponted onto the Planning Committee - Some decisions will be determined by deligated authority using email.


All Members are apponted onto the Bookings Committee - Some decisions will be determined by deligated authority using email. The bookings committee reviews applications to use the Village Green and Pelham field.


Wealden District Association of Local Council's reps

Cllr Dart and Cllr Crozier


Pelham Field key Notice Board key
Cllr Cook



Weller,Cllr Dart and the Clerk


Neighbourhood Watch/Crime Prevention initiative

Parish Emergency Officer

Cllr Cook, Cllr Crozier

Cllr Cook, Cllr Poore



Play Area
Cllr Dart , Cllr Crozier Cllr Cook, Cllr Weller


The Buckle Newsletter and e-news Parish Council Website

Cllr Dart (editorial)

All Members (content)

The Clerk (Transparency) - (webmaster)



Village Hall Commitee  

Cllr dart and Cllr Hallam


Tree Warden Christmas Festivities
Mrs Susan Redshaw All Members

District Councillor

Cllr David Watts

Wealden District Councillor and Mayor of Polgate 



County Councillor

Cllr Nick Bennett

East Sussex County Councillor

01825 733328


Please see below Notice of uncontested Elections 2019

Notice of Uncontested Election (1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [62.1 KB]

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